Clip clop, lets go riding…….!

We plan to re-open the riding school on Saturday the 30th May 2020 for private lessons and joint private lessons (for members of the same family).

Following advice from the British Equestrian Federation and Association of British Riding Schools and with our Covid-19 statement and risk assessments in place we are able to offer lessons to competent riders.

We are unable at this time to offer group lessons or lessons for beginner riders / lead reins owing to social distancing rules.

Please see our updated Covid-19 statement which details how we intend to open safely.

Look forward to welcoming riders back when you feel ready.

Please call or email to book.

Updated Covid-19 Statement

Eden Meadows Riding Centre is re-opening Saturday 30th May and request the following actions be followed  to comply with Government restrictions . Our objective is to maintain a level of business as usual but most importantly to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Your support and co-operation during these challenging times will be appreaciated. This statement will be updated regularly in line with government guidance.

  • We will be offering private lessons and joint private lessons for competent riders from the same family at weekends only from 9.00 a.m. on Saturday 30th May 2020.
  • We are unable, at this time to offer group lessons or lessons for beginner riders / lead reins owing to social distancing rules.
  • As well as this statement we will be following our Covid-19 risk assessment.
  • Lessons will be offered with a 15 minute gap between allowing riders to depart the yard before the next riders arrive.
  • We can only allow one adult to attend with a minor.
  • Please wash your hands on entering and leaving the site. Hand washing product is available at the office window and in the bathroom located in the top stable block.
  • Please maintain social distancing and keep at least 2 metres away from other people.
  • Our shop will remain closed but we can access stock if required and allow limited entry for essentials.
  • Where possible use card payments and utilise the contactless payment system.
  • Tack is regularly cleaned and has been sprayed with antibacterial product.
  • We will wipe reins after each lesson and re-spray all tack each day.
  • Use of our riding hats is discouraged. We will wipe our riding hat straps after each use. You are welcome to wipe them again yourself with your own antibacterial wipes if you prefer before use.
  • Please wear gloves for your  lesson and wash after each visit.
  • We will present the horses for your lesson, and secure them near the top stables. Staff will assist as required but will attempt to maintain social distance. They may be wearing gloves and masks at their own discretion. Please do not take offence if this is the case.
  • Horses will be returned to the tie up area. Customers are not able to untack or put horses away at this time.
  • Staff will wash hands between each rider being assisted as much as possible.
  • If you are unwell, showing any signs of illness or a member of your household is, please call to cancel your lesson. There will be no cancellation charges until further notice.

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