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Can anyone learn to ride?

Yes, horse riding is open to everyone and an excellent way of keeping fit.

How much are your riding lessons?

For our price list, please click here.

What age can children start riding?

Children can start from 3 years in our Tiny Tots fun classes or 5 years in our beginner group lessons. There is no maximum age!

Do you combine adults and children in your lessons?

Yes, but only in joint private lessons.

Do you have a maximum weight limit?

Yes, 15 Stone (95kg).

How many horses do you have?

25 ranging from 11hh to 17hh.

Do you offer livery?

Yes we do, for more information please click here.

Do you offer private tuition?

Yes we offer both private and joint private lessons. Private lessons can be ½ hour, ¾ hour or an hour long. Joint private lessons can be from 2 riders to 6 riders mixed children and adults as required.

How many riders to a group lesson?

We prefer 6 riders to a group lesson except beginners children’s lessons, which can have eight although many are half hour riders.

I am a small adult, will I have to ride a big horse?

No, we will ask you when you book for the first time your approximate height and weight and will allocate a suitable size horse for you.

Do you offer hacking?

Yes, for our regular experienced riders.

What is the hacking like?

We have many quiet lanes and tracks around us, which offer enjoyable rides through beautiful Norfolk countryside. Standard hacks are for one hour. We also offer two hour hacks to Thetford Forest. Lead rein hacks are available for the less experienced.

How experienced do I need to be to hack?

We will need to see you canter in our indoor school before we can take you on a hack for safety reasons.

Do you ride in adverse weather?

Our floodlit indoor arena enables us to offer lessons in all weathers

Do I have to get my horse ready for riding?

No, our friendly staff will have your horse ready for you.

Will I have to ride the same horse every week?

No, we have a good choice for our riders however you are sure to find a favourite.

Do you offer riding for the disabled?

Yes, through Mid Norfolk RDA or private groups. For more information about the RDA, click here.

Will the other riders in my lesson be much more experienced than me?

On booking, we will ask a few questions to ascertain your previous riding experience if any, and then offer you a suitable lesson.

Do you offer jumping lessons?

Yes, we sometimes jump in routine lessons but also offer specific jumping lessons either in groups or privately. We also have clear round jumping events throughout the year.